How to Sell a Diamond Ring & Jewelry in Laguna Beach, CA

How to Sell a Diamond Ring Laguna Beach Jewelry Buyer is dedicated to helping you get a fair cash price for your diamond ring and fine estate jewelry. Selling a large diamond ring in Laguna Beach may seem like a complex undertaking that requires a lot of insider knowledge. But, as you soon will discover, selling your diamond ring in Laguna Beach is a lot easier than it appears initially.

Selling a Diamond Ring vs. Gold Jewelry in Laguna Beach, CA

When selling a diamond ring in Laguna Beach, you should be aware that the valuation process is subjective—much more subjective than when selling gold jewelry without diamonds.

For example, if you were to sell a plain gold wedding band in Laguna Beach, this ring would be valued solely on its weight in gold and the current gold trading price (unless the ring was made a luxury jeweler such as Tiffany & Co. or Van Cleef & Arpels).

However, when you sell a diamond ring in Laguna Beach, the estate buyer must make a subjective estimate (or educated guess) of your ring’s resale value. One of the most important factors that a Laguna Beach jewelry buyer takes into account when calculating a resale estimate is who made your diamond ring.

Currently, some of the most sought-after diamond jewelry in Laguna Beach is made by Tiffany & Co., Lorraine Schwartz, Tacori, David Yurman, Graff, Harry Winston, Neil Lane, Cartier, and Phillip Press.

Selling a Diamond Ring in Laguna Beach – The Size Factor

The size of the diamond(s) in your diamond ring is another important factor when estimating the resale value of your ring in Laguna Beach. Remember that 1+ carat diamonds are worth much more than diamonds that weight just under 1 carat. In addition to carat size, your Laguna Beach jewelry buyer will also evaluate your diamond’s clarity and color.

Diamond rings with a high color grade but low clarity grade have a lower resale value. However, if your diamond ring is set with diamonds that have both a high clarity grade (VS-IF) and a high color grade (D-J grade), then its resale value will be much more.

At Laguna Beach Jewelry Buyer, we encourage clients to use the above information to make a preliminary appraisal of their diamond ring’s worth. You can do this by searching e-Bay for a similar diamond ring manufactured by the same fine jewelry brand.

However, be sure to look only at the prices for diamond rings which have already been sold—because the prices for diamond rings currently on sale at e-Bay often are priced much higher than their true resale value (i.e. the cash amount the seller is willing to accept).

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Should I Get My Diamond Ring Appraised in Laguna Beach, CA?

Sometimes it is impossible to find a similar diamond ring on e-Bay to conduct a preliminary appraisal—this is especially true for our Laguna Beach clients who are selling large carat bespoke diamond rings from luxury jewelers. Therefore, we are often asked about whether it’s a good idea to get a formal appraisal before attempting to sell a diamond ring in Laguna Beach.

The answer to that question really depends on the client, their selling situation, and the specific diamond ring that they wish to sell. However, there are a few general facts to keep in mind when choosing whether or not to obtain a Laguna Beach diamond appraisal from a certified appraiser.

1) The cost of a written appraisal from Laguna Beach diamond appraisers usually isn’t worth the money when you are trying to sell a diamond ring with a resale value under $2,000.

2) Remember that a written appraisal of a diamond ring can cost hundreds of dollars, and the money spent on that appraisal will mean that much less money in your pocket when you sell your diamond ring in Laguna Beach.

3) Be sure to inform your Laguna Beach diamond appraiser that you would like a market (resale) appraisal of your diamond ring. Otherwise, you might receive a retail appraisal that is much higher than the amount you will receive from a Laguna Beach jewelry buyer.

How to Obtain a Free Diamond Ring Appraisal in Laguna Beach, CA

Instead of seeking a formal, written appraisal of your diamond ring. You can obtain a free verbal appraisal by visiting various Laguna Beach businesses who purchase previously-owned diamond jewelry (such as luxury pawn shops and estate jewelers). While some buyers of estate jewelry do not provide free verbal appraisals, many others do, and at Laguna Beach Jewelry Buyer, we are always am happy to provide you with a free appraisal of the diamond ring you wish to sell.

Receive a free verbal appraisal of your diamond ring now. Laguna Beach Jewelry Buyer looks forward to providing you with a free consultation and immediate cash offer today.

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